About Us

YaYa and TRUTH started out as classmates and ended up as sista-friends. Drawn together by a love of God, music, and the beautiful borough of Brooklyn, what they had most in common was that they often found themselves craving more— More from the academic style conversations about theology found at seminary, and more from the often closed minded rhetoric of traditional churches. With Real Talk on Godtalk, they hope to bring the church to the street and vice versa, in authentic engagement with questions of God, religion, and spiritual life.

Photography by: Leslie Veloz (Social Media inquiries @lvelozz)


YaYa the Goddess

she, her, hers

Yaya lives a lush life with her husband Ramzez in a shoebox apartment in New York City. Raised a Christian, now that she’s grown Yaya considers herself  far more “spiritual” than religious. Yaya is passionate about sharing models for tapping into the Divine presence in everyday life. Yaya doesn’t wear a watch, but she’s never late because  She walks in God’s time. YaYa is a 2019 Masters of Divnity candidate, resident group chat commeddienne, and lover of all things Black ( people, culture, music, History and art).



she, her, hers

The quality of being in accordance with fact or reality.  TRUTH is a Visual Artist, Producer, Engineer, Writer and follower of Jesus from Brooklyn, NY. She is the real deal- a torch bearer of liberation theology for the LGBTQ+ community. TRUTH loves God and is quite confident that God loves her back. In her free time you can find TRUTH kicking it old' school  blasting classic hip-hop or Netflix and chilling with bae to anything in the  Mission Impossible franchise.